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How to Find Inpatient Rehabilitation for Your Loved One

As seniors grow older, they are more at risk for medical and health conditions, falls and serious illnesses. Over 15% of seniors aged 65 and older visit or are admitted to the hospital at least once per year. 

After a patient leaves the hospital, many individuals need continuation of care for short-term stays or, in some cases, long-term treatments. One option for this care is inpatient rehabilitation, which can include a network of doctors and treatment plans to get the patient to return to daily activities or transition back to their home. This inpatient rehabilitation care is temporary and allows the patient to regain strength and mobility to be able to live independently again. 

Inpatient rehabilitation is offered in assisted and independent living facilities or specialized inpatient rehab centers that operate solely for this purpose. Rehabilitation services can include physical and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, nursing services and more. 

How Much Does Inpatient Rehabilitation Cost?

Costs for senior rehabilitative services can add up quickly, but there are a variety of ways that a family can pay for the services. From private savings and health insurance policies to veterans benefits and long-term care insurance, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, there are many options to choose from that fit your budget. 

While resources and services vary from community to community, Medicare is often utilized in inpatient rehabilitation care. Medicare frequently covers much of the senior’s in-patient rehabilitation stay, although you will want to work with your own insurance provider or Medicare representative to identify your needs and costs. 

What Should I Expect From Inpatient Rehabilitation Care?

While in a senior rehabilitation care center, the dedicated staff of doctors, nurses and caregivers care for patients 24 hours a day, scheduling therapies throughout the day to get the patient back to full strength and mobility as quickly and safely as possible. 

In addition to the specialized care, such as speech, occupational and physical therapy, nurses assist with residents’ daily activities, such as bathing, hygiene and dressing. Other senior rehabilitation therapy services include medication management, social services and fall prevention education. 

What Are the Benefits of Inpatient Rehab?

After a significant health event, it will take time to get the body back into a healthy and functional routine. Stays in rehabilitation facilities can range from several days to several weeks, until the senior is strong enough to transition into an assisted care facility or go back to their own home. 

During the inpatient rehab stay, the benefits are tremendous, as they are all in one place and focused on the rehabilitative care of the senior. Allowing these services to be concentrated in one location will help patients recover from surgery or their health event faster with daily specialized treatments. 

Where Can I Find an Inpatient Rehabilitation Center?

When looking for a senior rehabilitation center, first contact your insurance provider for a list of recommendations and speak with your team of doctors to determine length of stay and the extent of services that are needed. 

Rosewood Nursing & Rehabilitation in Lake Charles, Louisiana, provides committed caregivers and resources to help seniors get back on their feet mentally and physically after a significant health event. The community offers a comfortable environment for seniors needing inpatient rehabilitative care, including on-site therapy services, pain and medication management, 24/7 nursing care, neurological care and access, hospice and respite care, and an on-site physician and nurse practitioner. 

While staying at Rosewood in either a short-term or long-term capacity, residents enjoy furnished apartments, delicious food, social and recreational activity programs, complimentary concierge services as well as courtesy transportation, making it easy for residents to receive all the services that they need. 

Rosewood is also in a central location, less than two miles from two pharmacies, three hospitals, and an advanced medical and diagnostic center. Along with the courtesy transportation that the community provides and the on-site nursing and physician team, all the rehabilitative services are right at your doorstep. 

Overall, it is important to weigh your decisions carefully and feel comfortable with your choice when looking at short- and long-term rehabilitation services. You may find that after the rehabilitation stay, your loved one’s needs have changed, and you will have to look into independent or assisted living options near you. 

Our team of dedicated professionals at Rosewood are here to help you find the right choice for you and your family. Please contact us online here to request a tour, or call us at 337-439-8338.

About Rosewood 

At Rosewood Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, skilled nurses, therapists and licensed care professionals guide you through your personalized therapy in our friendly setting. Our Lake Charles, Louisiana community is equipped to help you achieve your unique goals and maintain your independence. The amiable staff caters to each resident’s needs, and every day offers choices – activities, events, exercise classes, games, delicious dining – to enrich and fulfill.